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What Does “Lori Iro” Mean and Why is it Trending? | Video

So everyone has been seeing memes on “Lori Iro” and have been wondering what it means and how to apply it in their daily conversation cruise. Well, scroll further as we’ve got the full details for you.

What does “Lori Iro” mean?

Lori Iro” is a Yoruba saying which when translated to English means “Based on Lies.”

There are things people just say to us in order for us not to disturb them or in order for them to get your attention. In short, they are words that will “Comfort & Deceive” you. For example, a guy trying to woo a girl might say to her :

“Babe, You’re the best part of me

And while he is saying this to that “fine girl” he already has a girlfriend. In short, it is “Lori Iro” (Based on Lies)

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So why is it Trending?

An evangelist was spotted in sango, Ogun State, as he was preaching, he listed words that are endearing but lies. The video went viral and its fueling the “Lori Iro” trend on social media. Watch below :

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Here are things Nigerians say which areLori Iro (Based on Lies)” :

1.I’ll enter school at 16 and Graduate latest 21″

ASUU: Lori Iro!

2. “It’s not the phone that’s paining me oo. But the sim”

Lori Iro

3.Hope your girlfriend won’t beat me

Lori Iro

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4. Nigerian parents: “When I was a student, I always come first in class.”

Me: Lori Iro

5.I love you not because of your money

Lori iro

6. “I have a girlfriend but is you I love.

Lori Iro

7. Dj Cuppy: “I go take you to Italy, I go take you to America, take you to London.” 

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Zlatan: Lori Iro

8.Wait, Let me call you back

Lori Iro

9.Recommend any movie for me

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Lori Iro 

10. Hey guys, so I’m doing this because a lot of you have been asking me to do it.

Lori Iro 

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"As e dey hot"
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