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The Zealot S7 Bluetooth Speaker Sounds Just Like a Home Theatre, Serves as Power Bank — Unboxing & Review

The use of a Bluetooth speaker has become more convenient than headphones and more suitable than speakers.

Indeed, it is portable and gives a high-quality sound that can cover a very large area while it is small. We will not be long in seeing the decline of the headphone market in the coming years with the rise of different Bluetooth speaker models.

Photo: Gadgets Estate | YouTube

Talking about Bluetooth speakers, the Zealot S7 Bluetooth speaker is so attractive and sounds just like a home theatre — if not better. The Zealot S7 Bluetooth speaker can also serve as a power bank because of its large battery capacity.

Check out the Unboxing and Review below or video above.

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You can easily purchase the speaker at a cheaper price below:

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