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One Voice Giant of Africa

by Ilupeju Dorcas T.

There was a gunshot sound, followed by a loud crash and sounds of broken glasses, I saw people running in different directions, there was smoke coming from my left side, a baby of about a year was on the floor crying holding on to a fifty naira note, the roads all around were blocked.

A man was laying on the floor shirtless, there was blood all over his face, he was wearing only one slipper, another gunshot sound came, followed by hearing a scream, I crawled from where I was laying down due to the pushing and running, carried the crying baby and crawled to a packed vehicle with broken glasses.

I was bleeding from my left arm, can’t even remember exactly how I sustained the injury, the baby tried coming down but I held on to her tightly which made her scream the more.

I looked around to see if I could catch a glimpse of any woman searching for a baby, but there was none, opened my purse and brought out one of the sweets I bought in other to give my sister once it’s time to get her from school and gave to the crying baby, she hesitated but eventually collected it and put it in her mouth with the wrapper.

I will eventually have to take her to a police station“, I removed it from her mouth and unwrapped it for her, while still holding on to the unwrapped sweet, my phone rang, checked and saw that it was my sister’s class teacher, picked it immediately, she didn’t say anything but I could hear voices in the background of people shouting.

Hello, I said, there was no response, the baby collected the unwrapped sweet from me, which I already forgot was still with me Hello I said again, my voice was shaky due to fear and anxiety, ” Hello” I said again, a response came this time, “Hello” a voice came in, “please Melody’s sister, come and pick your sister right now, every other parent have already come for their wards, everywhere is on fire, please hurry up“.

Immediately at the speed of light dropped the baby I was carrying, stood up and started running then stopped suddenly, went back for the baby and continued running, why is she just calling me when the school is almost empty?

I continued running as fast as my legs could take me, someone was running after me, I could feel it, the baby I was holding was trying to come down again, I held her tightly not caring about anything else apart from my sister.

Excuse me” someone called out, I didn’t wait, kept running “Excuse me, wait” I didn’t listen, I had a feeling the person was calling out to me but I wasn’t at all bothered, “Kidnapper!!!” someone screamed “what! Kidnapper?” I said to myself and kept running, I have to avoid all kidnappers at the moment, suddenly a huge stick flew across the right side of my face.

I suddenly stopped, from all directions I could see people holding different weapons coming at me, I bent down and covered the baby with my body, I got dragged followed by sudden kicks and punches from different directions, “What’s happening!!!” Stones of different sizes were thrown at me, a woman suddenly came and carried the baby, the baby didn’t hesitate or resist as she did with me, that must be her mum.

I tried standing up, but got pushed back to the ground followed by more kicks and beatings, suddenly some people started dragging and tearing my clothes, what’s going on, I don’t understand, they were more like an angry mob than kidnappers, I tried covering myself but wasn’t strong enough for them, they tore my shirt and started dragging my skirt, I struggled and struggled to cover my chest and hold on to the skirt, they were not only men, they were both men and women so it wasn’t a rape situation, suddenly felt something cold on me, petrol, oh my God, I screamed “help!!!

What did I do? No one was listening, I was crying and bleeding from places I didn’t even realize.

Suddenly, tyres were surrounding me, I didn’t do anything wrong, why were they trying to burn me alive, as I struggled to escape, someone suddenly unhooked my bra, I looked miserable, naked, completely naked in front of everyone, some people were taking videos.

I cried and screamed but no one paid any attention, some people were laughing, some were shaking their heads, but no one stopped them, my phone rang, I peeped to see who was calling while struggling to cover my face and chest, it was my sister’s class teacher, but I was there about to be burnt alive for a reason I don’t even know……(not a true-life story)

Coming together is the beginning, staying together is a progress and working together is success“.

Henry Ford said

He also said:

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself“.

If everyone is working towards the same goal, there would be an encouraging result, 61 years of disorganization and disunity among citizens of Nigeria has made the country a living hell for everyone.

Everyone has a story to tell on various situations and incidents that this country has subjected them to on different occasions, but we can’t stop trying to fix our nation.

Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.”

Alexander the Great

Ilupeju Dorcas T.

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