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Is Fireboy’s “Laughter, Tears & Goosebumps” Album Worth Calling a Classic Like Wizkid’s “Superstar”?

Once you start to list iconic albums from this afro-pop era, you can always count on somebody mentioning one Fireboy DML album.

Some say “Apollo” is a classic that deserves to be ranked among the greats. But they’re mostly laughed off as unserious because Fireboy‘s sophomore just doesn’t have the significance to the culture that only a few number of albums have.

Then there are some people that say Fireboy’s debut “Laughter, Tears, and Goosebumps,” often stylized as LTG, is the real deal. These set of people are often always ready to die on that hill. Under close scrutiny, you’ll realize that the claim isn’t exactly unfounded.

But what are the facts?

After almost two years of “LTG,” can we say the album that shot Fireboy to stardom is a classic already? And if yes, where does it rank in the list of modern classics. Well, let’s check out the facts.

LTG is a mind-blowing album.

You might say the album is too new to be a “classic,” but what you won’t be able to say is that “LTG” is not a good album. Because if that were true, there wouldn’t even be this discussion in the first place.

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“LTG” is not just a good album, it’s actually one of the best to have hit the industry in a while. The album whose production was mostly handled by YBNL in-house producer, Pheelz is an eclectic body of work that cuts across genres, from afro-pop to R&B, alternative and more.

You don’t even have to be a fan of Fireboy to agree that this album is an excellent one!

Numbers don’t lie.

It’s one thing to make a good album, it’s another thing to achieve unprecedented commercial success with a good body of work. Well, Fireboy did just that with his debut.

The decision to release Fireboy‘s debut album that early into his career was a very unpopular idea among fans, who thought that it might hamper the commercial success of the album. I mean, the guy had only two or three hits, going into that release.

But guess what? Fireboy defied the odds. Went into the release with three hits, came out with ten more. Every single was a hit, from “Need You” to “Energy” to “Vibration” to “What If I Say.” The rest is history.

LTG has aged well.

Another thing people were concerned with was that people will forget about the album very soon, and that after a couple years, people wouldn’t even remember Fireboy had an album.

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And it’s true. You could have a good album, and have good numbers, and still fade away very quickly. Did “LTG” fade away? Well, we’re talking about it now, aren’t we? So, your guess is as good as mine.

The album has aged like fine wine. And since 2019, there’s not been more than three albums that can go head-to-head with “Laughter, Tears, and Goosebumps” and that’s facts!

So, is it a classic like “Superstar”?

I think it’s clear that while “Superstar” is leaps ahead of “LTG” currently, it’s definitely not because the former had better music than Fireboy‘s. In fact, the music Fireboy had on that album is some kind of stuff that cannot be recreated by anyone. Moreso in 2021.

Personally, I think it’s a classic and it’s the best debut album since Kiss Daniel‘s “New Era” in 2015. As for if it’s on the same level as “Superstar,” I’d say it needs more time. But I have high hopes for the album.

What do you think? Do You Agree That Fireboy’s LTG Is A Classic Already?

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