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Interesting Facts About Nigerians and “Owambe” Parties

Owambe is a party where you definitely must see someone who is related to your family — there, you see your uncle, aunties and others that you haven’t seen in a long time and sometimes, you haven’t seen them in your entire life.

What does “Owambe” Mean?

Owambe” is a Yoruba word which when translated to English means “It is there.” Whenever you hear Nigerians talk about “Owambe,” it’s about party-ing, loud music, food (Jollof rice and Amala/Akpu especially) and most of all, wearing uniform clothings – either ankara, lace aka Asoebi.

Owambe parties always fall on weekends (Saturdays especially). Nowadays, no weekend in Nigeria is complete without an Owambe party. This is a lavish and flamboyant party where most people showoff their wealth.

Another interesting thing about Owambe is the abundance of drinks & alcohol. This go a long way in helping people lose their home training and produce a jovial and exciting atmosphere at Owanbe parties. Those who are bad at dancing automatically have lit and weird dancing steps on the dance floor.

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