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How To Earn 17 Ethereum On AUTOETHERBOT

Hello i have an interesting business for you today that will benefit you now and benefit you later on in the future. the business i have for you is the AUTOETHERBOT smart contract matrix which deals with Ethereum cryptocurrency. click here to know more about cryptocurrency.

AUTOETHERBOT is a program or rather an online business that works under the smart contract arrangement, using Ethereum as it’s store of value and medium of exchange. Prospective members of AutoEtherBot do not need to bother over raising exorbitantly high figures to start this program as is required to join sister programs like Million money and Forsage. Here, a token of 0.006eth is required to invest and harvest hugely to the tune of 17eth(well over 1.7million Naira).😋


The system has 7 levels.
Every member is signing up with only 0.006 Ethereum and bringing only 2 people.
2 people who you invite or who come as spillover to you donate 0.006 ether each to you. You get 0.012 ether. You use 0.01 ether to buy level 2 and you remain with 0.002 ether as profit.

The 4 people recruited by your 2 people will donate to your level 2. Each will donate 0.01 ether to you and you will get a total of 0.04 ethereum. You will then use 0.02 ethereum to upgrade to level 3 and you will remain with 0.02 ethereum as profit.

The 8 people recruited by the 4 should donate to you 0.02 ethereum each that total is 0.16 ethereum. You will use 0.1 ethereum to upgrade to level 4 and you will keep 0.06ethereum as profit.

The 2 people who donated to your level 1, will again donate 0.1 ether each to you and you will get 0.2 ether. You will use 0.12eth to upgrade to level 5. Remain 0.08eth as profit.

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4 people recruited by your 2 people again donate 0.12 ethereum each thus making a total of 0.48 ethereum. You use 0.2 to upgrade to level 6 and keep 0.28 ethereum as profit

8 people recruited by your 4 donate 0.2 ether to you making a total of 1.6 ethereum. You use 1 eth to upgrade level 7 and keep 0.6 ethereum as profit.

16 people recruited by your 8 donate 1 Ethereum each thus making 16 Ethereum.


Absolutely No Risk
Open source smart contract uploaded to blockchain Ethereum. Cryptocurrency – international and decentralized
Instant payouts
Money is not stored in the system. All transactions are 100% from wallets to participants’ wallets. Wallets are anonymous

Simple And Fast Marketing
Easily achievable matrices – 2X3 & 2×4 in 2 Phases lines – Earn 17+ ETH every 100 days

Cannot Be Hacked
It is not possible to change the algorithm or delete the members’ rooms. The system is able to work without a site. The site is needed only for convenient display of statistics

Passive Income Every 100 Days
With a ready-made team, you can repeat earnings every 100 days, by simply pressing the “repeat” button, earn $3.400 + every 100 days!

Long Term
Smart contract will exist as long as the blockchain exists Ethereum, and even the creators of a smart contract will not be able to delete or change its terms.

Download trust wallet from your APP STORE and fund it with a minimum of 0.01eth (₦1300/3.5$ price increase every day)
  • Open your trust wallet app and create your wallet then fund it with 0.01eth
  • Click on Ethereum then click copy in the next page to copy your Ethereum wallet address
  • Check the bottom, you will see DApps or an icon with 4 box. Click on DApps then copy and paste the below link in the search bar>>>( It best you message me for registration)
  • On the next page, click REGISTER
  • On the next page enter your paste your Ethereum wallet address and input you email and password, then confirm password.
  • Once this is done, your account will open automatically. Then click the green button on your dashboard upgrade to next stage to upgrade.
  • You’ll be asked to copy a link and paste in your DApps browser search bar. Don’t leave the page o. Just copy the link, clear whatever you’ll find on the browser’s search bar and paste the link you copied.
  • It will take you to another page where you’ll have to confirm your payment. Click to confirm
  • After that you’ll be asked to wait for your account to be activated. Wait a bit. You will have your account activated without delay👌
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If you need any assistance with the registration and funding of wallet feel free to message me on whatsapp . you can also join or team so we help you get referral.
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