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Daddy Freeze Responds After Pastor Sam Adeyemi Tackled People Who Argue That Christmas Isn’t Biblical

Media personality, Daddy Freeze, has reacted to clergyman, Sam Adeyemi’s tweet aimed at those who argue that celebrating Christmas is unscriptural.

The senior pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos, had tweeted,

The countries from where they brought Christianity to Nigeria celebrated Christmas with uninterrupted power supply. Some of us were quarrelling over whether eating Christmas chicken will make us go to heaven or not. Sense will ‘fall on us’ one day. I pray it won’t be long.”

Daddy Freeze, who has severally publicly argued that celebrating Christmas is unscriptural, shared a screenshot of Pastor Sam’s post on his Instagram page and tackled him while quoting bible verses to back up his claim.

According to him, Christianity was brought from Israel and “Christmas wasn’t even a public holiday in Israel, let alone a celebration.”

He added that England that brought Christianity to us “is fast becoming one of the least religious countries on earth.”

Dear Pastor Sam Adeyemi,
The concept of salvation through Christ came from Israel. ◄ John 4:22 ► New Living Translation: You Samaritans know very little about the one you worship, while we Jews know all about him, for salvation comes through the Jews.

Christmas wasn’t even a public holiday In Israel, let alone a celebration.🙄 England on the other hand, is the country that brought our version of Christianity to us and as of today, England is fast becoming one of the least religious countries on earth, rapidly abandoning Christianity along with other faiths. Should we proceed to emulate this template as well, since they are now a reference point for our doctrines?🙄

Christianity is a faith based on Christ, NOT on other countries, so if Christ never celebrated Christmas while on earth and never asked us to, I’m deeply concerned about who really needs sense to fall on; is it you or us?🙄 I’d humbly suggest you read the scriptures more and base your judgement on the contents therein, as salvation does not come from motivational speaking.”

He wrote
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