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7 Things You Can Sell To Buy Presents For Bae On Valentines Day

Valentine is in few days and you’re broke. Pheew! Babe has teased you with want she want for val on her WhatsApp status. Even though she did not send it directly to you, you know that WhatsApp post is for you.

You haven’t seen money to change your boxer and val is just in few day and you are running helter-skelter just to get money to take babe out.

Here’s a tip : Tell babe COVID-19 is still in the country and because of her safety and yours, you won’t be taking her out because you don’t want her to get infected. (Make sure you look so serious when saying this)

That way, you’ll save money and won’t have to spend on all goody goody. You can just order pizza and ice cream for her. (Reminder : Someone else might take her out and take your spot in her heart) Don’t worry, there are lots of fishes in the ocean. Lolz. 

If you still feel you need to take her out and buy presents for her, here are few things you can sell.

1. Your Kidney

Don’t forget you have two kidneys and since she is your “LOML,” you might as well sell it. According to Medical Futurist, kidneys cost about $262,000 each. Which is approximately ₦104022235.708 by rate of ₦397.031. Don’t forget you told her she’s the best part of you while shooting your shot. Use this information as you please.

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2. Your dad’s car

At least selling your dad’s car is better than selling your kidney. Just sell it and you can take your babe out and also buy her presents. You can use the change to replace your dad’s car with a 4th hand vehicle. You’ll be like, daddy “Surprise!”

3. Nigeria

To be honest, Nigeria is doing somehow, so don’t waste time, you can just put it on Jiji and you’ll get a buyer and also, don’t forget to share the change with presido.

4. Your phone

This is just the best option for you. Since you have a touch-light phone and a smartphone (android / iPhone), just sell it. With no time you’ll see buyer and you and your bae can enjoy the head of your life at Coldstone or Shoprite.

5. Use your school fee

Using your school fee is better than selling your dad’s car. At least you can tell them at home that you were kidnapped and you used your school fee to bail yourself as ransom. If your parents refuse to buy your lie, here’s a good description of what you should do next : Pack your load on your shouuuu..

6. Your girlfriend’s hair

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You can’t come and kill yourself. Just like Wizkid – No Stress, just wait for her to fall asleep and you can shave her hair off her head and you can sell it. What does she need her hair for when you will still buy bone straight for her. You can calculate how much a hair is worth here. You can also get the best bone straight hair deals here.

7. Ibadan

Just incase you’re unable to sell Nigeria, you can sell Ibadan. It’s big enough. Just put it up for 50 million. Who knows, the buyer might fix their accent.

Wondering how you can look good on Valentines day? Here’s how you can style your outfit to look flawless on Valentines day.

Are we missing anything? Tell us other things guys can sell to take their babe out. Drop a comment below. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lere

    February 1, 2021 at 6:48 pm

    You can sell your father’s house na.

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