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6 Ways to Pass Your Exams Without Reading

So everyone wants to have at least a ‘C‘ in their result and if possible ‘A‘ parallel. Well, my dear humble and smart student, you’ve come to the right place.

Since those who are reading have two heads and you only have one, what can you do? No worry, I go show you way.

Since you’re a big-time yahoo boy, a slay queen and probably doing hookup as dating is no more going quite well and you don’t have time for your book, here are 6 Ways to Pass Your Exams Without Even Opening Your Book.

1. Eat

Niggress all the way

Since you don’t have time to open your books, at least you need to feed your body because you can give yourself home advantage by simply eating and drinking plenty of water.

Yep, it can increase your chances of getting good grades. Buh, my dear, it only works for people who have read o.

Oh, you can also start eating beans back-to-back at least 3 days before you go for the paper. The invigilator will suffer the consequences and you can effortlessly stretch your neck and copy your friends work. No need to thank me, what are friends for.

2. Sleep Very Well

Who dey zuzu?

It’s just an ordinary exam my dear. It won’t hurt to get some sleep. Oh, you’re scared you’ll over sleep? Okay, you can set an alarm to wake you up by 8.00am. Is that one okay abi you want more? Ok keep scrolling.

3. Seduce Your Lecturer

Who you wan impress?

Your grades is important-er. Before the exam, seduce him very well and make sure you enter his head. Don’t worry you are covered. One ‘A’ don sure be that.

But if oga say you should ‘spread leg‘ that one is your problem o. At least you can tell him to play ‘Ruger – Bounce‘ so you can spread them widely.

Note: We don’t have time to start posting ‘Justice for Chibuzor.’

4. Watch Movies

Ehn Ehn now!

Seems Money Heist season 5 is out. Oh, and King of Boys. My dear Nigga and Niggress, just buy N200 popcorn and you’re good to go. Las las everybody go open POS.

5. Sleep Over in Church For Weeks

I don’t know you but you’re not serious.

The thing God cannot do does not exist. Stay in the church from Monday to Sunday praying. But remember, ‘Faith without work is dead.’

Don’t worry, God will consider you. It’s not easy. By the way, here’s how God will look at you.

6. Look For a Scholar to Dub From

If you’re not brilliant at least you should have a degree in copying. So just find one scholar and treat him/her like the king of your village till the exams are over.

Wow! Did you make it all the way here? You mean business o. But, sorry to break it to you, you will fail if you don’t read. Buh who cares? You can easily open a POS shop.

For the serious ones, here are 5 Ways To Staying Calm During an Exam/Test

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