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12 Things Only UNILORIN Students Can Relate To

University of Ilorin aka Better by Far (at least that’s what the institution say), the most sorted university.

Being a university student isn’t a piece of cake, especially when you’re a student of University of Ilorin knowing you can face Tanke at any moment. But while things seem to be stressful at times, thinking about those stressful things can sometimes be funny. You start to wonder how you survive through. Here are things only students of Unilorin can relate to either you’re still there or you’ve graduated.

1. Welcome to a life-long partnership

Nothing is more annoying than seeing this board. After you’ve enjoyed yourself during the semester break and the first thing you see before entering the school gate for the first time in that semester is “Life-Long Partnership.”

2. It’s not bye-bye but see you again

After a very hard test and you’re like at least let me go and rest then before you leave the school gate, you see “see you again,” reminding you that you will come back and see the result of the rubbish you’ve written.

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3. The struggle for bus if you live outside the school campus (especially Oke-Odo)

At this point, everyone loses his/her home training. It’s like a do or die affair.

4. The struggle for bus from school

Once you’re leaving school as from 4pm another struggle continues after you fought for bus in the morning, you go for another round in the afternoon again.

5. Item 7

Item 7  

The relationship between Unilorin girls and item 7 is what no one is yet to understand till date. Once a guy is shooting his shot and has not for once buy item 7 for her and her friends, there is a low chance of success.

Sometimes, they stay there at night waiting for one of their toasters to pass by so he can try to re-shoot his shot and buy item 7 for her.

6. Law students and pride

Sorry what’s your faculty?…. Ha ehya! Too bad

7. Walkway and gossip

If you need a full gist on what’s happening on campus, just sit here. The gods of ofofo will branch your side.

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8. No one runs faster than a student who heard “Dress Code” is catching students

Satan! Not today.. (All man for himself)

9. 100 Level Students and “I will make 5.0 CGPA”

The Lord is your strength!

10. NSLT 2 and Thieves

Everyone has a story to tell about a NSLT2. It always end in “If I had known.”

11. Unilorin girls and Palazzo

The fear of “Dress Code” is the beginning of wisdom.

12. Beske / Wara


As long as you’re on campus, you will always see beske. Just like MTN, “Everywhere you go”

Are we missing anything else? Drop a comment below.

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